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                Guangzhou exhibition office:
Guangzhou RuiHong Exhibition Service Co, Ltd.
Room1718, Hopson ascot square, 1138th Zhongshan Road West,
Tianhe district, Guangzhou, China.. (GZ510665)
Tel : +86-020-87585873

Fax : +86-020-87584363

Mob: +86-18922420512
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Exhibitor List

Germany's card machine manufacturing co., LTD 

The unilever co., LTD 
Zhejiang SAN rui plastic co., LTD 
Pan nikon's company in Germany 
Zhejiang HuiNuo ink co., LTD 

MaiSiKai packaging systems (Qingdao) co., LTD. 

Nanjing south of new materials co., LTD 
Pfeiffer vacuum technology (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Germany's ARNOLD 
Shi mai, vacuum technology (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Flying machine manufacturing co., LTD 
UNGRICHT roller and hand-cut technology companies 
German glamox machinery manufacturing co., LTD 
Isra video equipment manufacturing (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Isra surface video co., LTD 
Crewe palmer machinery manufacturing co., LTD 
Sea granite company in Germany 
Armoured baze DE temperature control equipment company 
Armoured baze DE temperature control equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD 
German ACW company 
German nico lawes sol company 
Germany's EME 
Agent: China bridge wing 
About load JSJ smelting technology co., LTD 
The JSJ about wearing Germany investment co., LTD. China representative office 
Green Bach machinery co., LTD 
Green Bach machinery (Shanghai) co., LTD 
PROFILGLASS company in Italy 
Phil aluminum on the street (hangzhou) co., LTD 
The Patty software (tianjin) co., LTD 
An Italian company CMS 
Italian GLASS SERVICE company 
ANTONINI company in Italy 
FERMAC company in Italy 
Italy, group 
Bao, glass machinery (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Bao, glass industry (foshan) co., LTD 
Wu yue industrial co., LTD 
South Korea Venus diamond co., LTD 
Mr Levy glass technology company 
Tillie ora du da co., LTD 
Italy's Knoll 
Italcarrelli company in Italy 
The Italian post mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD 
Italian Keraglass engineering company 
Mole Moreschi S.R.I. 
An Italian company CMB 
Mr M company in Italy 
Italian MAPPI international company 
Cui yu qi company in Italy 
DOGO company in Italy 
Zhejiang Finn paint sealant co., LTD 
Italian foreign trade commission (ICE) 
The Italian glass processing machinery and accessories manufacturers association 
An Italian company history, Katie 
Bent le mechanical engineering co., LTD 
Bent le investment (China) co., LTD 
British horse between the abrasive co., LTD 
Island (Hong Kong) co., LTD., tianjin/island ferry enterprise management (China) co., LTD 
Northwest of refractory material co., LTD 
Jia's f department - cola Europe 
He glass machinery co., LTD 
Jade industrial co., LTD 
Dr Schenker Germany industrial test technology co., LTD 
Vesuvius and the latter cosette ceramics (suzhou) co., LTD 
P - D refractories group co., LTD 
FORMA glass glass industry company 
Apotheker of eu-china trade group co., LTD 
Belgium than buck company 
Buds and o 
Italian Pneumofore group 
Italian S.I.G.M A company 
Fu sen furnace engineering company in the United States 
According to the lake companies in the United States 
Australia also kay international co., LTD 
Shanghai JiChi building materials technology co., LTD 
German VMA company 
SVA industrial camera monitoring company in Germany 
Germany's industrial facilities co., LTD 
German HUBTEX machinery company 
Japanese corporation barrel mouth blacksmith 
Shanghai his die standard parts co., LTD 
Nick filling company 
Germany walter machine company 
German IWG company 
Glasmaschinenbau Freital GmbH 
Trust, shunde district, foshan city, big good hardware products factory 
Parkinson - Spencer Refractories Ltd. 
Qinhuangdao macro taken glass decoration co., LTD 
Marposs (Shanghai) trading co., LTD 
Zunhua three stone electronic technology research institute 
Kay gith diamond (guangzhou) co., LTD 
Wuhan jia DE walter's pneumatic technology co., LTD 
Guangdong rongsheng metal products co., LTD 
Shanghai Smith barney plastic co., LTD 
The east long faith group/Shanghai long mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing co., LTD 
First on engineering consulting co., LTD 
Mingda glass (xiamen) co., LTD 
Saint-gobain glass company friends 
CNUD - EFCO international co., LTD 
CNUD - EFCO international co., LTD., Beijing representative office 
F.I.C. (UK) co., LTD 
Sandvik materials technology 
Guangdong shi cheng plastic machinery co., LTD 
The British game than international co., LTD 
British Graphoidal Graphgoidal Developments Ltd. 
British Lattimer company 
The Pennine company 
The method first stein Britain 
Stein (Shanghai) industrial furnace co., LTD 
German continental glass international engineering company (CGE) 
The Finnish glass robot company 
The sea Ye Guoji co., LTD 
The French IRIS photographic inspection machine 
Liaison office, China - mainland glass international engineering company in Germany 
DTEC engineering and consulting company in Germany 
France Sarl Vertech company 
Swedish Gedevelop company 
LAND infrared thermometer 
German horn glass engineering company 
Intel company mark in Italy 
Beijing zhengxing hongye metal materials co., LTD 
BB transformer company in France 
Shanghai PuLiSen batching system co., LTD 
Wu Hanhong jin xu long new materials co., LTD 
Shanghai SAN confirmed inspection equipment co., LTD 
Zhangzhou union coating materials technology co., LTD 
Umicore AG&Co. KG Platinum Engineered Materials 
Bassra Machine Tools Ltd., UK 
BMT those Pvt Ltd 
Zibo green chemical co., LTD 
Shanghai and every machinery co., LTD. / Shanghai ya beauty industry &trade co., LTD 
Love bo li industrial co., LTD 
Von adenauer vacuum equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Love many kirkcaldy merlin (nanjing) new material co., LTD 
Well the original furnace building industrial co., LTD 
Friends and co., LTD 
Friends and electronics (Shanghai) co., LTD. Beijing branch 
BANDO KIKO CO., LTD. (Japanese prefer east mechanic) 
Domain set enterprise co., LTD 
Changzhou treasure instrument mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD 
Fox bell ceramics technology (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Best Glass Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. 
Li sai g (Shanghai) group co., LTD 
Gen photoelectric technology (xiamen) co., LTD 
Sinoptix France casino optical Shanghai representative office/Belgium YiJieXi trading (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Guangzhou panyu only figure metal products factory 
Finn glass machinery co., LTD 
Belgium AYROX company 
Finland SOFTECO company 
Arbax Industria e Comercio Ltda. 
Hottinguer electronics (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Stuart engineering company 
Dip - Tech 
Guangzhou aogus new materials co., LTD 
Build the deep (fe gang) special resin co., LTD 
Gamla division lead to enterprise management (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Gamla division (Italy) 
Gamla division (Finland) co., LTD 
Hangzhou with chang machinery co., LTD 
Taiwan surplus chang machinery co., LTD 
Israel love scone manipulator co., LTD 
Finland times Nike co., LTD 
Asia Pacific & Shanghai proud d 
The saint-gobain group company 
Fule companies in the United States 
Shanghai jie hui furnaces new technology co., LTD 
Shanghai helioway glass decoration material co., LTD 
East macro technology glass co., LTD 
Tiantai county hundred plastic co., LTD 
Soleras Advanced Coatings 
DE CSFB refractory material and mineral co., LTD 
Jia machinery co., LTD 
German gustav. Love hui machinery manufacturing company 
German OGIS glass co., LTD/world network 
The British journal of glass (world) 
Shanghai Aesop heat energy technology co., LTD 
Qingdao, to industrial and trading co., LTD 
The Shanghai ray infrared moisture system technology co., LTD 
Beijing aikang of instrument equipment co., LTD 
Nanjing flying glass industrial co., LTD 
Dongguan o sputtering target materials co., LTD 
Hydron embellish on extremely sharp superhard materials co., LTD 
Shanghai hundred million crystal industry &trade co., LTD 
Foshan jia hao hardware co., LTD 
Zibo new materials co., LTD 
Bystronic glass machinery (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Mr. Glassman machine tools (Beijing) co., LTD 
The United States QUANEX building products group 
Zhejiang PMP plastic co., LTD 
Shandong qilu ethylene chemical co., LTD 
Pomdi - Herramientas DE Eiamante, S.A. 
Beijing rings tongda technology co., LTD 
Jiangsu quartet boiler co., LTD 
Shanghai tai cholesterol technology development co., LTD 
Tangshan forword porcelain industry co., LTD 
Zhecheng hongxiang superhard materials co., LTD 
Qianshan grahame brush roller co., LTD 
Rizhao huaye glass co., LTD 
China building glass and industrial glass association 
China by glass tool factory in Shanxi Province 
International company Merck 
Damm joint companies in the United States 
The speed of flame China co., LTD 
SCI China 
Tektronix engineering company 
Success in qinhuangdao China glass co., LTD 
Stella international company 
Kaveh Float Glass Co., Kaveh Glass Industry Group 
The TOLEDO engineering co., LTD. (TECO) 
Yixing Hayden huang fine ceramics co., LTD 
Yixing Morgan thermal ceramics co., LTD 
The United States glass to sales company 
Days companies in the United States 
Days combustion equipment (suzhou) co., LTD 
The United States glass co., LTD 
Fuyang tatelman machinery co., LTD 
South peach sharp abrasive tool factory 
Cade special steel co., a combined in Germany 
The Czech glass service co., LTD 
Flame technology co., LTD 
Fletcher Business Group 
The visual detection technology (suzhou) co., LTD 
The first glass and solar energy technology company (TNO) 
Air chemical products (China) investment co., LTD 
Optimal instrument conductor equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Maxon companies in the United States 
Never add international high-tech co., LTD 
Binder + Co AG of Austria 
Zhengzhou xinguang color refractory material co., LTD 
Shapiro Turk high temperature materials (shenzhen) co., LTD 
Far east machinery industry (kunshan) co., LTD 
Suzhou innovation ceramics co., LTD 
Qingdao hazen glass co., LTD 
Italian Arenergy publishing company 
The British journal of glass (international) 
India reported (glass) 
Guangzhou walker commodity information consulting co., LTD 
Air liquide China 
Sure - tylenol wind warm edge system 
Asian glass magazine 
Ardakan float glass co., LTD 
Caesar compressor (Shanghai) co., LTD 
The Times Ken glass co., LTD 
Wu Yang coal transfer 
Oriental glass equipment co., LTD 
Glass in the Middle East magazine 
Building materials international trade co., LTD 
Mike material technology (suzhou) co., LTD 
Megadyne industrial belt co., LTD. Far east 
Qingdao knight glass co., LTD 
Bo le (guangzhou) trading co., LTD 
Special asahi glass (dalian) co., LTD 
Shanghai emperor bo ceramic technology co., LTD 
Austrian RHI glass company 
Rhi trading (dalian) co., LTD. Shanghai branch 
Changchun oil chemical co., LTD 
Water membrane (suzhou) co., LTD 
Beijing highlights science and technology co., LTD 
Lai bao guang learn German co., LTD 
Qingdao global group co., LTD 
Huatai (tongxiang) glass mirror co., LTD 
Britain lost power precision measuring co., LTD 
Zhejiang sharp China plastic co., LTD 
Solutia international trading (Shanghai) co., LTD 
Yong yuan motor (suzhou) co., LTD 
Antai technology co., LTD 
Shanxi green fuyao glass co., LTD 
Guangdong avic special glass technology co., LTD 
Hainan catic glass material co., LTD 
Avic sanxin solar photovoltaic glass co., LTD 
China building materials international engineering group co., LTD 
Ruitai technology co., LTD 
Xinyi glass engineering (dongguan) co., LTD 
Foshan yao-hua jin glass co., LTD 
Jin jing (group) co., LTD 
Shanghai el monte automation system co., LTD 
Hebei JiHengYuan industrial group co., LTD 
Sanmenxia crystal Canon toughened glass products co., LTD 
Yao hua glass group co., LTD in China 
Shandong yao ultra-thin glass co., LTD 
The force holding group in zhejiang province 
Taiwan glass group, 
Mr Glass industrial co., LTD., guangzhou 
Shanghai yao skin glass group co., LTD 
Zhengzhou constant exposure glass technology co., LTD 
Qingdao crystal glass co., LTD 
Shanghai heraeus's industrial technology material co., LTD 
Shanghai on glass products co., LTD 
China new building materials industry design and research institute in hangzhou 
China south bo group 
Qinhuangdao glass industry research and design institute 
Hangzhou chang xiang glass co., LTD 
National security glass and quartz glass quality supervision and inspection center 
Glass holding co., LTD in China 
The sand glass glass group co., LTD 
Hebei shahe glass technology research institute 
Beijing bright future glass co., LTD 
Dalian conley da yao hua glass co., LTD 
China sinoma international overseas development company 
Shandong yao hua glass co., LTD 
Beijing Jin Fubang fiber technology co., LTD 
And technology group co., LTD 
Silver pu of sha-he glass co., LTD 
Nanjing yu day glass co., LTD 
Zibo pan-european international trading co., LTD 
Beijing wuhuatianbao coating technology co., LTD 
Hebei large glass co., LTD 
Qingdao product full international trade co., LTD 
Ningbo haishu sea adhesive co., LTD 
Cangzhou west lion king tape factory 
Hebei xinhe east machinery accessories brush factory 
Changzhou boiler co., LTD 
Yancheng fly county electric power technology co., LTD 
Changzhou ba grinding wheel co., LTD 
Qinhuangdao figure into glass technology co., LTD 
Zhengzhou zhongyuan applied technology research and development co., LTD 
Guangzhou lingnan refractories co., LTD 
Hangzhou zhijiang silicone chemicals co., LTD 
Laura ling, zhejiang fine chemical co., LTD 
Shanghai zi gen deposition technology co., LTD 
Shanghai feng hengjing building materials co., LTD 
Zhuozhou spring hollow glass aluminum co., LTD 
Beijing gino plastic co., LTD 
Zhengzhou vibration CLP fusion new materials co., LTD 
Liaoning double strong plastic science and technology development co., LTD 
Luoyang, special glass technology co., LTD 
Shanghai special glass technology co., LTD 
Luoyang north glass technology co., LTD 
Guangzhou new exhibition organic silicon co., LTD 
Fuqing city fu chong machinery co., LTD 
The paper selects xinyi city is high quartz material co., LTD 
Mr Tan industrial co., LTD., Shanghai 
Beijing shengshi five grain science and technology development co., LTD 
Beijing sheng lian yu feng crystal handicrafts co., LTD 
Linyi Yangtze zhongtian machinery manufacturing co., LTD 
Luoyang randy glass machinery co., LTD 
Jiangyin jin Ming glass technology co., LTD 
Zhangjiagang city jin Ming machinery co., LTD 
Luoyang building materials machinery factory 
Zhoushan loose diamond glass technology co., LTD 
A file window to hollow glass material co., LTD 
Guangdong serie d high glass technology co., LTD 
Foshan shunde lunjiao xi chung lam glass machinery factory 
Hangzhou seiko machinery co., LTD 
Shenzhen han east glass machinery co., LTD 
Fujian anxi masters ceramics co., LTD 
Jiangyin city billiton wins machinery co., LTD 
Alloy steel co., LTD. Yantai city 
Changzhou zhongtai glass equipment co., LTD 
Liaoning north glass machinery co., LTD 
Create xin glass machinery co., LTD., shunde district, foshan city 
Long beach, taixing city, has a limited company 
Beijing coco instrument co., LTD 
Henan zhongyuan special refractories co., LTD 
Material in high and new material co., LTD 
Blue and white refractories co., LTD 
Tianjin new century refractories co., LTD 
Zhejiang unisoft photoelectric technology co., LTD 
Zibo he refractory technology co., LTD 
Chengdu silicon technology co., LTD 
Luoyang ocean refractory material co., LTD 
Zhengzhou east AnCai refractories co., LTD 
Zhengzhou east refractories co., LTD 
Hope of glass machinery factory, located in nanhai district, foshan city 
Zhengzhou hunter refractories co., LTD 
Zi royal group of high temperature and new material technology co., LTD 
Zhengzhou morita fused refractory material co., LTD 
Beijing chong-aged high-tech insulation materials co., LTD 
Inner Mongolia star fused refractory material co., LTD 
Guangzhou heavy glass machinery factory 
Luoyang diving equipment co., LTD 
He rich glass machinery co., LTD 
Beijing PuJinLi technology co., LTD 
Foshan add cadbury glass machinery co., LTD 
Hangzhou glass glass technology co., LTD 
Shanghai Wan Zheng digital technology co., LTD 
Foshan coyne printing machinery co., LTD 
Jinan Beaumont machinery equipment co., LTD 

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